Kaspersky’s latest research shows that when looking at the top 10 countries by share of users attacked by mobile malware Nigeria places eighth (at 11.76%). Even though Kenya and South Africa might not feature as prominently, the mobile malware threat is still a concern, along with the shift to more targeted based attacks these countries are seeing. The top three most prevalent malware behaviours that Kaspersky has seen in South Africa are A Trojan is a type of malware that is often disguised as legitimate software which attackers can use to try and gain find more information access to user systems. As the name suggests, Trojan-Downloaders download and install new versions of malicious programmes, including Trojans and Adware on victim computers. Meanwhile, Trojan-Droppers usually save a range of files containing malicious programmes to the victim’s drive, the security firm said. Once installed, a Trojan-Proxy allows an attacker to use the infected device as a proxy to connect to the Internet. “Mobile malware remains a significant threat for corporate and personal users across Africa. These attacks are usually very diverse with hackers leveraging a range of methodologies and technologies to compromise victims’ devices.


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Illinois State Battles Drake to Scoreless Draw in Home Finale NORMAL, Ill. – The Illinois State women's soccer team outshot Drake, 18-17, in a scoreless draw on Sunday afternoon at Adelaide Street Field in ISU's final regular season home match of the season. , who had her 60th-minute shot from 10 yards out roll just wide of the far post, led the Redbirds (4-10-2 overall, 2-3-2 Missouri Valley Conference) with five shots. Drake moves to 6-5-5 overall and 1-2-3 in the MVC.  had perhaps the best chance of the match but her header from eight yards out in the 97th minute was turned away by Drake's diving goalkeeper.  posted six saves in her third shutout of the season and the 166th in Redbird history. The match is Illinois State's first scoreless draw since 2017 and the 12th in program history. The 'Birds play October 22 at online Indiana State in their regular season finale. MVC Tournament seeding is still up in the air as six teams qualify with the top two seeds receiving a bye into the MVC Semifinals. The Redbirds are tied for fourth in points but are one of two teams in the conference to have already played seven conference matches. For all latest on Illinois State soccer, stay tuned at  GoRedbirds.com  and follow the team at @Redbird_Soccer ( Twitter ,  Facebook ) and @RedbirdSoccer on Instagram.  GoRedbirds.com and the Illinois State Redbirds App:  Your sources for Illinois State tickets, Weisbecker Scholarship Fund gifts, multimedia, Redbird merchandise, photos and more.


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Darin LaHood, who represents what is now the 18th District. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, who represents what is currently the 13th District in central Illinois that includes Champaign, Decatur and a portion of Springfield, would be placed in a new 15th District that begins in Litchfield and stretches east to the Indiana border, then snakes northward to take in Danville, then back west and north to include Pontiac, Sterling, Dixon and Freeport in northern Illinois. Davis has previously indicated he might consider running for governor in 2022, depending on how his district is redrawn. In a statement Friday, Davis did not indicate that he’d made a decision, but he harshly criticized the proposed new maps. “As expected, our lying governor teamed up with state Democrats to draw a shameful, partisan gerrymander in a desperate attempt to keep (U.S. House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi in power,” he said. “This proposed map, along with this entire redistricting process, is a complete joke.” Adam Kinzinger, a Republican from Channahon, southwest of Joliet, would also be moved into a much different district. He represents what is currently the 16th District west of the Chicago metropolitan area. He would be placed in a new 3rd District that stretches from Oak Lawn south and west to LaSalle.


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