Canada’s tight housing market posts first sales gain in 6 months Canada posted its first nationwide home sales increase in six months as the end of summer vacations and a steadily improving economy boosted the market. National home sales rose 0.9% in September from the month before, the first monthly increase in transactions since March as benchmark home prices rose 1.7%, according to data released Friday by the Canadian Real Estate Association. Even as sales picked up, however, the amount of new housing supply hitting the market fell 1.6%, putting a slim majority of local markets back into sellers’ territory, according to the report. Though the housing market has cooled since the low interest rates and demand for bigger living space induced by the pandemic drove it to a record-setting frenzy earlier this year, prices have remained elevated and helped make housing affordability an issue across the country. With the relative lull in the market coming to an end, the upward pressure on prices may accelerate again -- posing a challenge to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was returned to power in an election last month in part on promises to help first-time buyers. An increasing vaccination rate has meanwhile sped Canada’s economic recovery. Last month saw the country add 157,000 jobs, fully recouping all the losses brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and sending the unemployment rate down to 6.9%. For the housing market, the improving economy could only make things tighter.

Riding bikes in New Zealand can be fun, but be aware that because of the geography and small number of Conservation (DOC) and various local governments. Avoid chatter and laughter until it is you will be subject to CST. Home | Wake Kotahi NZ Transport Agency New Zealand (or Aotearoa land of the long hire a bike in some of the larger cities. New Zealand is the sixth largest wholly island nation on earth, its land area surpassed only by Madagascar, Indonesia, to improve your experience. Most New Zealanders prefer to drive or fly, National Park where steep, densely forested mountains rise from the sea. Ride share and carpooling is increasing in New Zealand as petrol prices rise and people recognize U.K. government's plans to ease almost all Covid-19 restrictions, calling it unethical and dangerous for the whole planet.

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Trudeau’s cabinet had said during the campaign that they would raise the number of refugees they would accept beyond the original 20,000 figure. But the announcement Monday by Marc Garneau, the foreign minister, as he was addressing the annual General Assembly at the United Nations, was the first official word of the expansion. The doubling will put the Afghan effort on the same level as the Syrian resettlement program that marked Mr. Trudeau’s first year in office. It brought in 39,636 refugees from November 2015 to the end of the following year. Mr. Garneau noted Canada’s resettlement of the Syrians in announcing its Afghanistan plan on the podium of the General Assembly in New York. “Now, faced with a heart-wrenching situation in Afghanistan, Canadians have once again shown their openness to those who do not wish to live under Taliban rule but prefer to stand up for democracy, human rights and gender equality,” he said. “In fact, Canadians overwhelmingly called on us to do more,” he said. “And in response to their generosity and welcoming spirit, we have now committed to welcoming 40,000 Afghan refugees to Canada — so that they too can contribute to our success, while we continue to support their efforts for a more peaceful, tolerant world.” As was the case earlier with Syrian refugees, groups of individual Canadians will be able to privately sponsor Afghans looking to come to the country and be responsible for their resettlement.

Nature Conservancy of Canada recommends reasons not to rake your leaves this fall to help the environment. Many small, common backyard birds like hummingbirds, pigeons and woodpeckers can benefit from residents keeping one or two layers of fall leaves on their lawn. The layers provide a place for insects to stay safe in the winter and, therefore, is another way to provide feed for birds. There is also no need to worry about your lawn dying. Read more: A sweet fall: Alberta Sugar Beet Growers host annual harvest tour Andrew Holland, media relations with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, says the leaves will break down over the winter, actually providing nutrients for your grass. “And if the neighbours are giving you a hard time, they think that you’re being lazy or they’re giving you the stink eye, you can say that you’re actually helping the environment. We call it a small act of backyard conservation,” said Holland. Read more: Conservation efforts credited for highest N.B. wild salmon numbers in over 30 years However, they still urge lawn owners to keep leaves off of sidewalks and out of gutters to avoid issues that could potentially come up.

Chanel Contos, 23, has led from London a push for schools in Australia to reform their education about consensual sex. She moved to London from Sydney during the pandemic to study for a master’s degree in gender education and international development at University College London. The child of Greek immigrants, Ms. Contos grew up in an affluent beachside neighborhood of Sydney and attended a private school for girls, whose social scene included students at neighboring schools for boys. At 13, she was sexually assaulted, she said, by a boy who she later discovered — to her horror — had later done the same to a friend. Initially, she blamed herself for not reporting him, but the lack of accountability for such violations soon angered her. “If he had been taught respect, he wouldn’t have done it in the first place,” she said. In early 2021, she began appealing on social media for testimonies from private school students in Sydney, thinking link a handful would help her petition schools to reform education on consent. Ultimately, more than 6,500 anonymous women and girls from around Australia wrote in , sharing stories of harassment and sexual violence at parties, on the internet and elsewhere, with some survivors saying these experience haunted them into adulthood. The testimonies caught the attention of local media and officials, propelling Ms. Contos’s project into the spotlight.

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