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Even when parking lot owners try to modernize — using an app, for example, or a credit card machine to take payment — they must deal with a whole array of providers to manage hardware, payment processing and marketing, all separately. That’s where AirGarage comes in. The company works with parking real estate owners and offers a full-stack software and management service for their lot or garage. That means handling everything from installing signage to collecting payments, and even providing parking enforcement. AirGarage already has more than 200 locations across 30 states under its management. To scale its services even more, the startup has just closed a $12.5 million Series A led by a16z, with participation from existing investors Floodgate, Founders Fund and Abstract Ventures. The company’s undergone a number of pivots since its founding by Jonathon Barkl, Chelsea Border and Scott Fitsimones in 2017. The original instantiation of AirGarage, conceived when the three were students at Arizona State University, was to create a platform for people to rent out their driveways to college students who were paying exorbitant fees for on-campus parking. Barkl referred to this idea — a peer-to-peer marketplace for parking — as “AirGarage 1.0.” “That was how we started getting in to the parking industry, in the parking problem,” he told TechCrunch in a recent interview. “The thread that carries through is we realized there’s underutilized space that is poorly managed and not really being monetized in the way that it should be, and we just have technology and add software to this, we can change that.” In 2018, the company made its first shift, moving away from home driveways and toward parking space owners like churches and small businesses, to help them monetize their existing, underutilized asset.

Scientists corrode public trust when they pretend to have authority on social and political matters. Paul Gigot interviews Dr. Marty Makary. Photo: Associated Press Medieval thinkers pretending to infallibility often claimed to have received a direct revelation from God. Since the 19th century, secular thinkers have invoked science. As Anthony Fauci said in June, “a lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me, quite frankly are attacks on science.” One can often tell that an appeal to science is unwarranted without knowing anything about the science in question. If science is treated as a solid block, each part of which is as indubitable as all the others, then science has been misunderstood. Science always contains some propositions less firmly grounded than others: on the frontier, newly discovered, based use this link on experiments not readily replicated.

You can get a suitable fan for around $30 and the filters for around $20 — or cheaper in bulk. The website publishes a  how-to guide  for building such a contraption. The Environmental Protection Agency has an  FAQ  on box fan air cleaners with instructions for building them. The EPA recommends using only box fans built in 2012 or later, because earlier models could overheat and cause a fire. Lab testing has clearly shown such do-it-yourself devices are  safe , though they may heat up the room and produce more noise than a portable HEPA cleaner, according to the EPA. For those who can’t even afford to make an air cleaner from a house fan, nonprofits and local government agencies have provided help. People who don’t have a lot of money are likely to live in older, leakier housing that lets more smoke in. They are also more likely to have chronic illness and thus be in greater need of clean air — yet less able to afford it. Climate Smart Missoula, a Montana nonprofit, has distributed around 500 air cleaners to low-income and homebound people in recent years, said Amy Cilimburg, its executive director. In California, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District is providing  3,000 air filtration devices  to low-income people with respiratory conditions in nine counties. The American Lung Association has also donated air cleaners to people in need.

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